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The 2022 bio figures are finally available !

Bio wallonie, in partnership with APAQ-w, has examined the statistics and figures for 2022, analysing both the production and consumption of organic products in Wallonia, Europe and the rest of the world.

The main sections of the report include organic production in Wallonia, the distribution and consumption of organic products in Wallonia, a comparison of organic supply and demand in Wallonia, organic production and consumption in Europe and the European Union in 2021, and organic production and consumption worldwide in 2021.

Here is an overview of the main statistics for the organic sector in 2022:

- Wallonia had 2,010 farms under organic control. This represents 16% of all farms in the region.

- Wallonia's spending on organic food products fell by 5.8% to €415.9 million. This is the first decrease since 2016.

- In total, Belgium spent a total of €955.1 million on organic products, with expenditure of €415.9 million in Wallonia, €131.3 million in Brussels and €407.9 million in Flanders.

Data from December 2022.*

For more data, please consult the report on the biowallonie website:

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