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Trust in our service

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YA is a vegan yoghurt made in france, gluten-free, lactose-free, soy-free and 100% organic

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Karma Kombucha is a fermented tea made in a workshop in Brittany, France. Living, never pasteurised, Karma Kombucha is an invigorating 100% organic drink.

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At Côteaux Nantais, they have been growing fruit since 1943 and have built their reputation on a true philosophy of taste and respect for nature for over 78 years, with a large range of fruity drinks and purees.

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Dr. Niedermaier Pharma GmbH is an international market leader in the field of multiple-fermented dietary supplements. The family company, founded in 1939 in Hohenbrunn near Munich, has been pursuing the goal of developing outstanding and natural products for almost 80 years.

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L'atelier V*

 L'atelier V* explores the diversity of French organic legumes in 100% natural, tasty, colourful and creative recipes.

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Belvas is one of the leading 100% Belgian chocolate companies that produces 100% organic and FairTrade certified chocolate. The company was founded in 2005 by Thierry Noesen.

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Emile Noël

Emile Noël is a family know-how with more than 30 different organic oils since 1920.

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 Manino sprl, specialised in the import and distribution of food supplements, flower essences, hygiene products and natural and organic cosmetics on the Belgian and Luxembourg market.

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A range of products for babies (6m+) and kids (3y+) developed with the help of real pros (paediatric dietician and pediatrician), 100 % organic, without additives or other nasties, without added salt or sugar. We offer an alternative to traditional baby-food.

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Inspired by an exceptional natural environment, the extraordinary adventure of Perl'Amande, specialist in organic nut products, is a story of passion and human values: the perpetuation of an ancestral know-how supported by innovation, with the greatest respect for natural and human heritage.

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A family of beekeepers from generation to generation, Propolia was created in 1979 based on the pioneering mastery of a specialised and unique know-how: the extraction and purification of propolis.

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Since 1927, Dietaroma laboratories have been sharing the benefits of nature through their products. In a quest for optimal quality, they develop their products themselves to guarantee effective, concentrated and natural products.

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Specialised in the preparation of flower essences since 1986, the DEVA laboratory is a company at the service of well-being and health. All flower essences are prepared according to the original method of Dr. Bach.

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