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Sales4bio team

Sales4Bio is a business development agency, specialised in the organic sector for the Belgian, Netherlands & Luxembourg (BENELUX) market. 

Our Objective 

To provide professional support and sustainable growth for organic producers and businesses who are looking for their rightful position on the market.

The Challenges

  1. Foreign businesses have little knowledge of the Belgian market and often lack the information needed to develop in Belgium (not to mention the cultural and legal complexities).

  2. Producers don't have time, wholesalers are overwhelmed with work, sales people have too many ranges of products to defend and the market is constantly evolving.

  3. Start-up companies do not have the budget to hire good salespeople, and the managers, who are often overworked, do not have the time to deal with sales, which slows down growth.

The Solution

Thanks to the art of sales, our constant training, our knowledge of the organic market, our networks & dedication to achieve goals, Sales4bio is your ideal partner...



Mélanie Longin

CEO & Co-Founder

Mélanie Longin, Co-Founder & CEO of Sales4bio, grew up in the world of organic food and wellness thanks to her parents' profession, her career path, her passion for health and her endless curiosity.

She was manager of an organic shop and saleswoman for 2 well-known wholesalers in Wallonia and Flanders. She also has more than 10 years of experience in market!

Mélanie's reputation is based on her dynamism, her reactivity, her professionalism, her ability to listen to her customers and her results.

She has repeatedly demonstrated her commercial abilities and her motivation to achieve her objectives.

Meet our team

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